1L2 2015/9/11(金) 11:00~11:40 Room A
Therapeutic strategy for brain disorders as systemic diseases

1L3 2015/9/11(金) 13:20~14:00 Room A
Oxytocin and more:what we have learned from the brain development and its disorders

2L2 2015/9/12(土) 11:00~11:40 Room A
Is delivery a critical period in the pathogenesis of autism?

2L3 2015/9/12(土) 13:20~14:00 Room A
Neuronal calcium sensor proteins:contribution to the diversity of neuronal calcium signaling

3L2 2015/9/13(日) 11:00~11:40 Room A
Gliomagenesis and GRIA2-An Integrated vertical study from Gene to Disease

3L3 2015/9/13(日) 13:20~14:00 Room A
Searching a novel neurotransmitter/hormone through G-protein coupled receptor:Where now and where next?