1S1-1~1S1-3 2015/9/11(金) 8:30~10:00 Room A

1S2-1~1S2-3 2015/9/11(金) 8:30~10:00 Room B
The mechanisms of thryoid hormone action

1S3-1~1S3-4 2015/9/11(金) 14:00~16:00 Room A

1S4-1~1S4-5 2015/9/11(金) 14:00~16:00 Room B
The ins and outs of neuro-vascular interactions

1S5-1~1S5-5 2015/9/11(金) 16:00~18:00 Room A
Molecular pathogenesis of non-coding microsatellite repeat expansion disorders

1S6-1~1S6-4 2015/9/11(金) 16:00~18:00 Room B
Precise imaging and manipulation of gliopathy―are glial cells really required for brain function?―

1S7-1~1S7-6 2015/9/11(金) 16:00~18:00 Room C
Sound of Silence:Neural restrictive silencer(NRSF/REST)Revisited

2S1-1~2S1-4 2015/9/12(土) 8:30~10:00 Room B
Therapeutic targets and strategies for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

2S2-1~2S2-4 2015/9/12(土) 14:30~16:30 Room A
Recent advancement in Neurochemistry in Asia-Pacific region
―Unexpected function of non-neuronal proteins in nervous system―

2S3-1~2S3-4 2015/9/12(土) 14:30~16:30 Room B
Current status and future perspective of autism from both basic neuroscience and clinical research

2S4-1~2S4-4 2015/9/12(土) 14:30~16:30 Room C
Neural modulation and activity dependent changes in the visual system

2S5-1~2S5-4 2015/9/12(土) 16:30~18:30 Room A
Progress in the CNS non-clinical study achieved by iPS technique

2S6-1~2S6-4 2015/9/12(土) 16:30~18:30 Room B
Significance of the temporal structure within network activities in the striatum and the limbic system.

2S7-1~2S7-4 2015/9/12(土) 16:30~18:30 Room C
Neruochemical aspects of pain and its therapies.

3S1 2015/9/13(日) 8:30~10:00 Room A

3S2-1~3S2-4 2015/9/13(日) 8:30~10:00 Room B
Understanding neural functions and diseases from brain-derived neurotrophic factor

3S3-1~3S3-4 2015/9/13(日) 14:00~16:00 Room A
Epigenetics in neurological and psychiatric diseases

3S4-1~3S4-6 2015/9/13(日) 14:00~16:00 Room B
Principle and breakdown of higher brain function by decoding intracellular signaling

3S5-1~3S5-4 2015/9/13(日) 14:00~16:00 Room C
Unraveling the CA2 circuit in the hippocampal function

3S6-1~3S6-4 2015/9/13(日) 16:00~18:00 Room A

3S7-1~3S7-4 2015/9/13(日) 16:00~18:00 Room B
Inflammation and psychiatric disorders