Address by the President


OKANO, Hideyuki
Keio University, Graduate School of Medicine

 The Japanese Society for Neurochemistry (JSN) is the world’s oldest organization in the field of neurochemistry. JSN was founded in 1958, and right now has nearly 1,200 members. With a proud history, JSN will be celebrating its 60th anniversary at the 2017 Annual Meeting in September. As the president, I strongly encourage you to join the meeting in Sendai City and commemorate together our Society.   
 In the Japanese culture, a 60-year cycle has a special meaning in life: one period is over and a second fresh one starts. The age 60 marks a new beginning. In the coming period, JSN shall make further advancement in its contribution to international and domestic scientific communities. 
 During my term of office, I would like to make some changes in order to achieve the mission of JSN. 
 First, I promote communication between JSN officers and the other members. The mission of JSN is to advance the understanding of the nervous system in the aspect of neurochemistry (see also About us). Better communication among the members produces better results in the mission. Advancement of JSN by the member, of the member, and for the member establishes distinctive features of JSN in scientific communities. Diversity and open-mindedness in JSN should allow each member to be respected even in social communities.
 Second, I foster the education of young investigators, graduate, and undergraduate students. I encourage voluntary activities among young JSN members to improve themselves through friendly rivalry. In addition, I strengthen the support for JSN members to pursue a career in science.
 Third, I promote the involvement of JSN members in international scientific cooperation. JSN is a major member of the Asian Pacific Society for Neurochemistry and facilitates the advancement of neurochemistry with international organizations, including the International Society for Neurochemistry. I encourage JSN members to diversify their scientific activities in a worldwide view. 
 Finally, I promote branding of JSN to increase the degree of recognition of JSN among the public. 
 I look forward to your continued advice and support for JSN.